Question about the slider of Adaptative Training Program Slider

Hi!. I’d like to know what does mean the slider of the adaptative training program and why does the hour/week change when i set another date? I don’t understand also what that date means.

I mean when i set the slider at the end (sep 29), weekly hours needed change (from 14 to 218 hors needed). What does that affect? What does that mean?

thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

The help tip (?) on that section of XO ( links to this article –
Program Type – Xert (

TL;DR – As you drag the slider to the right the weekly change in estimated hours/week increases/decreases (or stays the same) according to the ramp rate (IR) you have defined under Goals. Try changing IR (improvement rate) to Maintenance (ramp rate = 0), save change (Update Advice), and you’ll notice no change to weekly hours when you drag the slider.

Reference –
Beginner’s Guide: Improvement Rate – Xert (

Improvement Rate – Xert (

Oh, so that slider only show the hours I’ll need by that week without affecting any parameter? In other words, if I move the slider to the left it doesn’t have effect on my training etc.
Thanks in advance!

As @ridgerider2 alluded to, the slider shows how much training will be required each week as part of your training with the assumption that you perfectly follow your selected Improvement Rate.

Keep in mind that your Improvement Rate can & should be updated as you progress through your training program.

Ok, now it’s clear. Thanks :pray:t2: