Problems/Improvements "new fitness planning"

First of all: Great work on the new planner! It’s already a great improvement. However, I still encounter some problems when working with the new fitness planner.

  • I always get a “add-activity” window, when I click on an old or a planned activity. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but it would be great to get a summary of the selected activity. Now I need to switch to the activity dashboard to view details of a synced or a planned training.
  • Next to this the “delete-all” button is a bit confusing: Does it also deleted the synced-activities or only the manual added ones?
  • The last remark is about the “usual activity time”: It’s a great feature that shows how xert analyses my data. It seems however that it needs to be set at every login. Is it possible to fix it somewhere in the profile, so it remembers this setting?

Hope this feedback is helpfull. Otherwise it’d be nice to get some instructions :slight_smile:

Are you using Firefox or Chrome? There are some issues we are looking into on Firefox.

I’m using firefox, but I think I also tried Chrome to check if the browser was the problem. I’ll try again this evening and let you know.