Pre Base - Recommended Workout Intensities

Target Event MTB National Championships end of July with a Puncheur fitness selected. I have been following the recommendation or slight variations for the better par of two months. I have noticed that it will definitely recommend high intensity workouts in prebase. My understanding is that during this time, the algorithm should be focusing on raising the lower threshold. I am concerned that I will burn myself out with too much intensity too quickly before peak fitness.

A few other side notes. I look at the planner almost every day for the following day and pay attention to what time changes do and also how closely the “recommended” workout would or would not match on the actual day. Ive seen examples where it will recommend different workouts in the planner on said day but come actual day at the same time as planner, it picks a different workout and no other activity has been completed in between. They can be small or large differences in difficulty and style of workout changes.

Any advice or insight would be helpful. Thanks,

Hi James. When you’re in prebase, you’re essentially only training with improvement rate. Focus isn’t specified so you can ride endurance or high-intensity. Your target event is too far out to make a material difference to specific training you do in pre-base.

The advisor randomly chooses from the top 4 best scoring workouts. The parameters it uses for tomorrow at 8:00 should be exactly the same and what they would be when it is 8:00 on that day. If you are seeing some sort of discrepancy, do let us know … we can certainly check to see if in fact there is some calculation error.