Power much higher than TrainingPeaks

I can’t work out why Threshold power reported by XERT is much higher than what I see in TP. I have read the FAQ and don’t see that any of that applies to me. So far out that I am thinking I have wasted money on a subscription…

Shane., It appears that your Oct 12th activity has some data anomalies. I’ve gone ahead and reset its signature to what it was on the previous day and locked it. Let us know if there if the new setting is better reflective of your threshold power.

Recognize that in general, most other systems require 60-90 days of activities to determine your FTP. We’re determining it ride to ride … as well as PP and HIE. This is a totally different concept and is what makes Xert very powerful. Having said that, if data anomalies appear, it will throw off the analysis and you’ll need to use the tools we provide to correct it. We are moving closer and closer to a completely automated approach to determining your fitness and avoiding manual intervention but there are still some data glitches that our software doesn’t pick up.

If you’re finding that something is amiss and can’t figure out why, send an email to support@xertonline.com and we’ll have a look. We’re here to help.