Power Match

My understanding (using Xert Player on the 520) is that, if I have a power meter on the bike and I’m using that bike on a smart trainer (in my case a KICKR), I can use the power meter on the bike to control the ERG mode of the trainer so that I have consistent power readings on the trainer and on the road. This doesn’t seem to work. This is what I do:

  1. Disable the KICKR FEC trainer and KICKR power meter in the 520 sensors menu entirely.
  2. Enable the on-bike power meter in the 520 sensor menu.
  3. Enter Xert Player. Choose Power Match on. Select the trainer from the trainer menu.
  4. Play the work out.

I set up a second monitoring device to watch the power output from the on bike power meter. When running the workout, it’s showing a significantly different value on the 520 and on the online Workout Player (this is not just result of display lags) value for power output than what the Xert Player is using as its power setting.

Do I misunderstand how this is supposed to work? Or, have settings wrong?

Double check your settings. The power displayed on the 520 should be your power meter power (ensure it get connected). You can click SELECT and change the STATUS PAGE with up/down to see if the power meter has been connected. If not, you’re getting power from the trainer. Once you have the trainer and power meter connected, be sure to follow an alternating pattern like the warmups in the SMART workouts. This helps to calibrate the powermatch.

Doesn’t work. I will send you a video to show.