Power lag and not hitting target Power on Android version

Hi, I just finished Hardness Test - Level 01. I have previously used Trainer road and Sufferfest, and am curious about Xert. I seem to have an issue with the power taking a very long time to adjust. On Shorter peaks it is not hitting the power at all. It takes about a minute before it hits its power target it seems, even though I am using the recommended cadence. I am using the Kickr Snap trainer. I have not had this issue using other software, any Clues?

Hi Torstein, if you experience this, it usually means that the trainer is not currently being controlled. Review the configuration on the SCAN tab and/or restart your app (sometimes this helps with newly defined sensors). You should be able to set the resistance manually to verify that it is working correctly. Do so but tap-and-hold on a cell and choosing Trainer Slope for example. Then when you tap that cell and change it, you should feel the resistance change on the trainer. The sensor is properly setup when you have this working.