Polarity stats

I may be missing this somewhere, is there any way to see your polarity stats for a week or period? Trying to see how polarized training has been over a period rather than just one specific ride.


If you mean traditional polarity zone % you can use intervals.icu for that.
Xert’s polarity ratio is unique to Xert and refers to their strain model stats.

See: Do you use polarity ratio? - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

You can find polarity ratio as an column option under ‘Weekly Stats’ section of the fitness planner:

Keep in mind that Polarity Ratio in Xert is the ratio of Low XSS: (High XSS + Peak XSS), so it will often be 90:10 (or greater). Don’t fret if it’s higher than the “80:20” that’s been made popular by Stephen Seiler, since that 80:20 is calculated differently than Xert’s polarity ratio. HTH.

You can also download a CSV file of stats, select the period you are looking for and add a calculation. It’s a bit clunky but does give you what you need.

An option I would like is to have the four summary stat fields at the top of the progression page user definable. This way we could all see the stats we want in a much more user friendly way. I’m not interested in time and distance whereas other users will be.

Plus low is defined as everything up to threshold, while Seiler would only include up to LTP (or even less) as ‘low’. Just for awareness that it’s different really.

I would also say it’s much less useful than other metrics like focus duration…

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Thanks - found the hidden column - any way to see a monthly number rather than week at a time?

thank you for that clarification