Please auto-sync XATA daily suggested workout and/or planner workouts to Zwift

It would be really nice to have XATA’s suggested workout or today’s workout from the Xert Planner automatically show up in Zwift as a custom workout. When I used TrainingPeaks, it auto-synced my planned workouts to Zwift on a daily basis and it was a great quality of life feature.

Are you an Apple TV user so you can’t use the recommended configuration with Zwift?

You’ll need to make this request to Zwift. Zwift doesn’t have an open API for third parties to implement this capability. You may also want to invite others here to do the same since Zwift will likely only do it when there is sufficient interest.

I was pushing this because I’m thinking of switching to the AppleTV app. Without auto-syncing, that’s a little annoying.

But, at any rate, thanks for the nudge on this. I’ve tried the “old” recommended setup in the past with the Xert player for Garmin/ConnectIQ + the remote player and found it to be a little kludgey, laggy, and occasionally buggy.

But, this was before the introduction of the Xert EBC app. I will try this again with the Xert EBC app (and maybe give the ConnectIQ app another shot) and see how it goes. I’ve not had much opportunity to use the SMART player, and I’m curious to see if the workouts will be noticeably better on that player.

Doh! I made the (poor) assumption that since TrainingPeaks was able to sync, there must be an open API. A private API just for the chosen few is crappy of Zwift (and probably self-defeating).

If you can set it up so that our iOS/Android app controls the trainer and Zwift just sees power, you’ll have the best experience. It also means you can watch anything else while you do your workouts. Doesn’t have to be Zwift.

Yep, good point.

Also, here’s a link to the topic that I created on the Zwift forums in case others here would like to chime in.

I still think it’s a worthwhile integration, especially for people new to Xert because it removes friction from the Xert experience.

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Here’s the options with Zwift –
The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

Apple TV doesn’t support viewing a browser page so the only option with Apple TV running Zwift’s app is ZWO export which loses the adaptive signature functions of SMART workouts.

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