Planner new search box

I can now only see 4-5 favourite rides / workouts in the planner - as I don’t remember all the names I think you still need a way to list all your favourites (eg .?)

… actually I think there’s something more wrong with the page as it won’t let me open and add any of the favourites that are listed to the planner.

Please send an email with perhaps some screenshots on what you’re seeing. Thanks.

Hi Armando. I thought before you could click on a workout / activity and open it before adding to the calendar - but maybe not. Now I just see the planner page as before but with only either 6 favourite workouts or 6 favourite activities listed - I need to see the full list as before so I can chose. How are you meant to use the search box if you are unsure of the workout / activity names. trial and error … losing the plot I’m afraid :slight_smile: I would get it if it was a filtering the full list…

It should be filtering the full list and if the search bar is empty, you’ll see your original favourites. Is it not working this way for you?

No just a column of six - I’ll send you a picture. Tried FF Chrome IE all the same.

… still problems with favourited activites - now 15 listed but no more. If I search for a key word other rides can appear that are not favourites and have no XSS etc. If I star one in the table it doesn’t appear under the Favourites section below Dashboard. Makes for difficulties adding future fav rides in the calendar.

the ones with no XSS are purple.

Yes. Favourites are limited to 15 but the search will search across all workouts / activities. This makes it easier than having to create numerous favourites that force you to scroll all the way down the page. Search only returns 6 values. We are looking to increase these and add pagination. The functionality however should make is possible to quickly add any workout or activity you have to the calendar.

It would be nice to delete some favorites to make room for new ones

So if you unfavourite them, they still show?

Didn’t know you could but just red licking the star ;will do

its like the search boxes under Planner and Favourites are also finding unfavourited activities with the same key word. Under planner I am now limited to 15 in view with an empty search box. I can fav and unfav items but they replace one or more of the 15. To be honest its hard to work out whats going on Armando :slight_smile:

That’s it John. The search is for all workouts/activities. Perhaps not totally obvious but functionally, much more flexible. We could likely just remove the favourites and go with searches in the future, perhaps adding a few more search options.

Ah right I see - but on the second question you said earlier I should see ALL my fav activities if the search box empty under Planner section - I have 15 listed only.

Yes. Limited to 15 for now until we put in pagination.

okay, btw I am finding if you drag and drop workouts listed under a search criteria into the planner they will not stick

Indeed John, your last input was exactly what I wantend to wat. That is anoying, you have to show al fav. School down etc … would be much easier directory out of search