Planned XSS

Hi, just wondering if it would be possible to have a column in the Weekly Stats table for planned XSS that is manually inputted by the rider? It would enable you to see planned XSS ramps and also how close to your target Total XSS you are during the week and whether you need to add further training or not.

The adaptive training advisor does all this for you. :slight_smile: Weekly Stats shows XSS/day. x7 is the weekly total.

Yup you are right, but if I have planned ramps to get to a target XSS for my target event I would like to see the planned weekly XSS totals in the Weekly Stats table if you see what I mean. I guess I could use the training advisor, but wouldn’t I need to fill in workouts until my target event that gave me the correct XSS ramp for the training advisor to advise me if I was falling behind or ahead of schedule?

Background to this, I have a TSS plan in Bereda that will get me to 110 CTL on my target date that takes in to account I am over 50 so two weeks on and a week off/recovery. The plan only gives you TSS/XSS figures per week to achieve this, how you do it depends on you. So this week is a rest week with 504 stress score followed by 745, 745, 559, 818, 818, 559, 891, 891, 668, 964, 964, 723 in my build phase. I’d like to somehow get these as XSS/week into my plan, but am unsure as to how to achieve that.

Been thinking more on this and in XERT I should be targeting a focus and specific power outputs for that focus on my target event date rather than TL, so I should play around with ramp rates to give me my target power output on event day?

You simply set your improvement rate and Xert tells you if you’re on track or behind. You’ll need to train if you’re behind and can take time off if you’re ahead. If you miss a few days, no worries, it adjusts. If you do more because you have some more free time, that’s ok too. You’ll be better prepared. The algorithm periodizes based on base-build-peak towards your goal date by using Focus. The closer you are to your goal date, the more your training will be focussed on your selected Athlete Type. You can plop some activities into the planner to see how it works, if you wish.

Thanks Armando that makes sense :slight_smile: