Peak power increase

S0, I’m trying to understand, my PP today increased to 743. I think it was inthe 600s before. It was on an easy outdoor ride., except when I pushed up hard up several hills and now I realize I had a breakthrough. Is that why PP went up. Because the PP for the ride was only in the 500s! Perplexed

Hi Fernando,
In contrast to other analytical programs that display your best recorded Power output, XERT determines patterns in your fatigue data and then predicts what you could generate. After taking a look at your ride today, it looks as though your highest power output was completed with some fatigue. Therefore, Xert calculates a higher PP than what you actually performed in ride. Hitting your exact PP (or any of the <10s power numbers) can be quite difficult, as they require perfect execution with gearing, cadence, etc. Hope that helps!

Scott, how did it know I was fatigued ! I didn’t think I was! I mean, I pushed it pretty hard and I was huffing and puffing but I wasn’t fatigued! As a matter of fact I ran 10 miles with 700 ft elevation gain at 9 min pace a couple of hours later!

When I say patterns in fatigue, I am referring to in ride acute fatigue. If you look at your best effort from today’s ride, you had pulled down MPA a few times, and then got the breakthrough with a sprint. XERT sees this and determines that if you had not pulled MPA down several times before that sprint, you would be able to hit ~700W PP. Make sense? Cheers!

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I guess!!! Its true , I did sprint trying to catch this guy, and I actually did catch him! :blush:

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