No GPS for double century in Activities Dashboard

I have a double century on May 20th that will not display GPS map preview on the Dashboard. No problem seeing the GPS map in Activity Details.

screenshot Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1

Can you try removing and reimporting? If Google Maps doesn’t respond at the time the thumbnail is created, it won’t show. Thinking that may have been the issue. If the issue is repeated, please email your FIT file. Thanks.

deleted the Strava imported activity, and uploaded the original Edge 520 .fit file. Didn’t fix the problem, email sent to support. Thank you!

any update on fixing this? I sent the .fit to support and haven’t received a reply. Dashboard looks good, except for this one activity.

It’s on our to-dos. Looking to get some important updates out first.

Thanks, and I understand/agree with your priorities