New user to exert, questions please

Subscribed 3 days ago and I m hooked
I only had 1 month history imported (trial), but now that I want to go premium, I guess it’s better to import 3 months old workouts from strava ?

2 questions about it

  • How do I reset the signature so it now considers the 3 months old workouts

  • What’s the thing with extracting and unlocking/locking signature ? I really don’t get it
    I tried 4 times to change my signature in power curve calculation tool, but for a reason it always gets « reset » to the old one ?

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The goal is to obtain a ballpark starting fitness signature and move forward from there.
As long as your historical data includes enough max efforts along your power curve that should be sufficient. Any required tweaks will occur from future activities.

Extract is an advanced function. I don’t suggest using it until well familiar with how Xert works and why you might use it in the future.
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Lots of newbies tips are posted in this thread –
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Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thx a lot !!!

Quick question, why would you want to extract and lock a signature ? Or do I understand you must extract and lock every time you get a BT ?

From what I understand, the activity is in the past, so why the need to “lock”’ it ? I mean, the signature can not be influenced by other activities that occur in the future no ?

Most of us only use Advanced MPA to view BT activities when we’d like to see what the chart looked like before the signature was adjusted. No action is required.
Many of us have never used lock. It’s an advanced function for manual adjustment.
You are more likely to use the flag function on occasion.

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