New subscriber. Wrong Threshold Power

Hi all, Earlier today I subscribed to Xert and synced all my indoor and outdoor workouts via Strava. Xert incorrectly calculates my Threshold Power as 298. I know for a fact that my threshold is only around 210. How can this be corrected?

Unfortunately, you have few rides with really bad data (July of this year). You should use the Activity Table and look for those rides with bad data and remove them. Then follow the procedure to do a Progression Recalculation in the FAQs. If you’re still struggling, let us know.

Thanks. Most of it is fixed. However the Peak power is in the 4 digits in almost most of my rides. It looks like something went wrong after the upload to your site. Can that be corrected?

Look for an anomaly in your power data by going to the Activity Table, adding Max Power as a column and sorting by Max Power. You then be able to find those activities that may have skewed your numbers too high. If there aren’t any, then you may have initiate your Progression Recalculation with a PP value that was too high perhaps?

Armando, thank you for your reponse. I am referring to “Peak Power”. I think I understand now. It sounds like my theoretical peak power and not reflective of peak power for my ride.