New and have questions about threshold power curve

The phenomenon is called sticky power. Power output from the power meter repeats after you stop pedaling. Xert attempts to correct this but it may not be able to detect all of them. Some power meters don’t repeat the exact number so the system doesn’t detect them.

Yeah. Would be nice if stuff just worked. Normally not an issue on other systems since they just take averages and don’t examine the second-by-second information the way Xert does. Breakthroughs can often come down to a few seconds of power above MPA after hours of riding.

If the data is janky, delete it and manually input an activity with an approximate XSS value if it’s recent. If it’s further out in the past, it’s not likely to affect your current training status so deleting is just fine.

Welcome to Xert!

Reporting back here. I have cleared out a few of the major breakthrough rides that seemed to be huge spikes. The FTP of xert, TrainerRoad AI and Garmin are now all within a remarkable “4” or 1.5% of each other. Quite surprised actually.

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How does HIE and PP compare with theirs? :wink: