Multiple Workouts in same ride?

Setup: iPhone Xert app controlling Wahoo Kickr. Ride recorded on Zwift on tablet 1. Watching Session Player on tablet 2. I did a 90 min Lucy In The Sky ride today and wanted to finish with a ramp test, however I couldn’t find a way to switch to the new workout without ending the old ride, which would have excluded my built-up difficulty. Ended up switching to Zwift controlling the Kickr and running the Zwift ramp test: all fine, but would have preferred to monitor MPA to see how close I was to a BT. Can anyone tell me if its possible to change the workout within the same ride?

You can do this with EBC on Android but not iOS.
The steps are Stop the workout and select End Workout instead of End Activity, then select next workout and start that.
The activity ends up named after the first workout. If it was an important change, I’ll edit the title or description afterwards.
What I am usually doing is extending ride time by adding a short low-intensity workout.
Other times I may have started a workout, realize it’s no-go before the first set, and switch to something easier to meet my XSS goal for the day.
You might also use this feature with an idea I am about to propose. :wink:

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Ah ok. Would be great if the same functionality could be rolled out across iOS too :slight_smile:
Workarounds it is then….

Looking forward to seeing your proposal.