MTB XC manual add

Hi, Is there a guideline on which focus i should choose when i XC for 1 hour. I think it’s about 60-90 XSS depending on which track i choose to ride. I dont have a powermeter on the MTB so i need to manually add it. Guiding from the heart rate i can see which intensity it is. But i only dont know what too choose as focus.

Try and identify an activity with power data that has similar intensity and duration and gauge from there.

any plans on adding a possibility to derive it from heart rate in the future if you have no power? Just as an option?

We have a number of new things we’re planning on doing with HR data over the next year or so.

Should we add trainingstress from otter sources like Garmin when we don’t have powerdata. I do Some running, Play Some tennis, do some lifting etc … in other tools like TP they calculate hr TSS based on hr data. Should we add this manually in Xert in the meantime ?