MPA question and how to interpret the graphs

Hi Im quite new to this so im still trying to get to grips with it all so im sorry if this has been covered before. yesterday i done a ride on zwift doing the Alpe du Zwift, my trainer is an Elite Drivo, trainer difficulty set to 100%. anyway i had a look at the Xert data on my profile: and i noticed that at the top of the climb where i tried to push as hard as i could which was a feble effort LOL i was not able to get anywhere close to my MPA, and i certainly went as hard as i felt i could.
the black line shows a dip as expected but my perceived effort/fatigue was just no where near! So is my fitness signature wrong as i would assume the maximum power available is what i was able to put out nearer to that final effort? i know from a race on tuesday: the fitness signature seemed to make more sense in that it went down as my effort went on.
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so is my fitness signature profile a bit wonky, if so how can i r eset it or is this all automatic or have i just miss interpenetrated the data? on the whole im finding this a good training tool, though i haven’t used anything other than Zwift training plans so cant compare against Trainerroad/peaks etc… certainly finding im having to put more time on the bike, mostly seems to be endurance rides at the moment unless i go off plan with zwift races or other rides indoors or outdoors but i guess thats because im in the Base phase according to my profile
Thanks Jay

Hi Jay. You may want to check that you’re using the same power source. If you had a breakthrough recently then you should be able to get close to it again, unless your status is Tired or Very tired. You may also want to check the FAQ on checking whether your signature is right. You may have some strange value in your signature which could make some efforts more difficult that others to reach MPA. If you still are having issues, send a note to our support email. Cheers.

Hi Armando, both were performed on the same turbo trainer so power source is the same, i must admit i was feeling stronger in the race on Tuesday, and following that had done a number of endurance workouts following the training adviser, so yeah maybe not my freshest. how do i go about a re-sync to see if its my signature profile? i did have a go at the power curve with FTP values setting and saved the 3 most recent values, could that also have an effect on the calculations as this was done between the Tuesday race and Sunday Alpe du Zwift, so did i overwright something i shouldnt have? its not a massive concern as i just follow the training adviser advice at the moment, but obviously want to make sure its dong all the right calculations so im doing things as optimal and tailored for me as possible.

Even if your power is off by 3-4%, it could make a max effort effort near TP disappear. You can try flagging activities too if you feel they might have been a bit too exceptional for whatever reason and you feel aren’t representative of your real abilities. These are usually from bad data but could be from other reasons too.