MPA On Garmin Connect

I simply want to make a comment as I had bought a Garmin 520, set everything up correctly with a PowerTap G3 and tried out the MPA with Power data fields (as well as the XSS and XEP below). This experience was mind blowing, I just completed the fastest group ride in my area and I could perfectly calculate when to stop pulling, how long to rest, how hard to push after a hill, when to go for an attack and when to counter one. I ended up looking at my MPA figure FAR more than my 3s avg power and HR, it cut through everything, made it so I wasn’t spending time thinking about how long I’ve been in what zone, etc. it clearly indicated how much I had “left in the tank”.

I had originally subscribed for the training plans but now find the MPA and general analytics to be by far some of the most powerful tools I used. I just wanted to say, good work! I intend to use this to pace myself through many of my upcoming races and keep myself on form with the new adaptive advisor.

Thanks again for providing such a cool product!

Thanks for your great feedback Eric!