MPA on Garmin 1000

Hi all,
I have a question about MPA.
On my rides I get a breakthrough (gold medal). However when end the ride and upload it, it’s nowhere near a breakthrough?
I’m not sure if the Garmin connect code is correct. When I go to enter it, it asks for user name and password.
Any suggestions welcome. G

Hi Graham, let us know what date you’re referring to and we can have a look for you. There could be a couple of things at play here: 1) there is a very slight difference in the way that the math executes on the Garmin vs online (online also has the benefit of looking at the entire activity, vs the Garmin app is only looking at current), and 2) if the signature isn’t updated on the Garmin i.e. it has an old one, it could detect a breakthrough on the old signature.

Thanks for getting back. It’s today 31/07/18. I did use Xert back in the spring. I have noticed a few changes since then. I copied and paste the code into Garmin connect, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just username and password. Thanks G

Ok. So are you seeing green, orange, or red ‘lights’ (little circles) in the left side of each Xert datafields after you start an activity (it can take a couple of minutes to update)?

Yes. I noticed that, it’s something new since I last used Xert. What do those mean?

These provide indication on the progress the datafield is having updating your signature behind the scenes. See the app description for more details on the different colours and their meaning.