MPA decline intra activity

Should xert not be able to determine how MPA declines intra activity? Example: If I absolutely destroy myself on a short segment 3 hours into a ride I never ever get MPA to go down anywhere near my power, that is only possible within the first hour of a ride. I am having a hard time understanding all of this, some of the tutorials seem outdated?

Hi Bjoern. This topic has come up before. Determining how your Fitness Signature is affected over longer activities is something that have in the plans. Models exist only the challenge of managing and reporting on declining values is something that will require some big changes (like keeping track of each fitness signature parameter at every moment in an activity). While this would allow the software to map your MPA during longer rides, it doesn’t affect your base fitness signature that you use for training and assessing progress. In addition, check out our latest blog as it describes how the separation of MPA and your power after longer rides is indicative of another dimension to fitness and is something you can look to improve. Thanks for your question.