MPA Analysis

Hi Armando. What exactly does extract do on its own? I’ve noticed if you dont save the ride the sig metrics go back to their earlier values in the individual ride - so I guess are not reflected in progression or the current sig. However if you go into your latest ride fine tune the MPA metrics save and then unlock the 3 metrics stay at their changed values - will that mean your current sig reflects the new values but progression is still based on an earlier locked ride of your choice? I guess i am thinking you might want to fine tune a single ride but not ignore progression from an earlier point? Does that make sense.

Changing an activity’s fitness signature only affects activities that come after it. Saving a signature tells Xert “Ignore what happened previously. this was my fitness signature on this date.” Of course, this implies that all subsequent activities should use this as the base. HTH

thks but not really Armando (my poor explanation) - I’m saying I have noticed if I change lock and then unlock an an individual activity’s sig the changes made stay in place for that activity. So is this a way of fine tuning progression from an earlier locked activity that I still want to be my progression base?