MPA Analysis and Progression

Re the MPA Analysis video is there a case for fine tuning your latest ride signature if you feel it inaccurate and saving in the progression but not locking (ie unlocking after extract and save) as you believe the earlier progression history to be reliable and still want it weighted into the current signature calculation?

If you Save and Unlock, then any activity that gets inserted before this activity may trigger it’s signature to get updated again. Leave it locked if you feel that it’s values anchor your signature on that date that way it won’t change. Do recognize that if the case of a full Progression Recalculation, it will get unlocked regardless.

Thanks Armando. But what would trigger a change if the existing prior activities have accepted the current activity changes as extracted and no earlier dated activities are subsequently added? Overall I guess where I am coming from is occasionally looking at my latest ride and ‘thinking thats not quite right but I was pretty confident in the signature up to that point’ - so don’t want to replace the overall progression by one sig based on guesstimates around one rogue ride.

It won’t change if no prior activities are added or if you don’t change a previous activity’s signature (this will also trigger the trickle-down signature update process). But of you are certain the signature is correct, best to leave it locked since that’s what the lock function is meant to achieve - keep it from changing and to base future activities off the activity’s signature.

Yes I understand. Maybe you’re best then just deleting your latest ride if you think it’s wrong and going to disturb a progression sig you believe to be accurate :slightly_smiling_face:

… or an ‘Exclude from Progression’ tick box option??

We’ve had the feature on our list for quite some time but each time we start to implement, we find a way to avoid needing it. :slight_smile:

Ah … but it could be a useful refinement to the all or nothing single lock - move it up the list Armando :wink:

that exclude button would really save guys like me a lot of time. I’m trying to do the best I can with the limited time I have to train. The lost past info would just wash out after a few months anyway, wouldn’t it?