Manually edit ride data / XSS

Hello. New to Xert & having my own issues with powermeter/data and it’s messing up my fitness tracker/recommendations.

I see that you are supposed to be able to edit rides through the Fitness Planner, however, when I open a ride there is no ‘save’ feature, so any edits I attempt are futile.

  • Can X out of the ‘sync activity’

  • Can ‘trashcan’ activity/remove from calendar.

  • Can “open” activity and view it.

Have tried in both firefox/chrome, it looks the same. No save feature. I feel at a loss. What am I missing?

Welcome aboard.
Can you provide an example of an activity you are trying to edit?
Can you explain the power meter data problem in more detail? It may be more appropriate to address that issue first and foremost.

The Planner shows what you have done in the past along with any activities you may decide to do in the near future.
You can also enter and assign XSS values to activities performed outside of Xert that cannot be synced from other sources.
You wouldn’t use the Planner to edit activity synced from elsewhere such as Garmin Connect or Strava.

Since you are new to Xert I suggest you start here –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (
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Hi Diane,

Welcome to Xert! To provide a short answer, you won’t be able to edit the XSS/Focus of activities that contain power data (that’s what our system is supposed to do automatically for you :wink: ).

However, if the power data is of very poor quality, you can/should use a tool like to remove all power data from the file, then re-upload to Xert. You can then manually edit the Focus/XSS, etc.


Thanks for the replies. It was an activity recorded on XERT, where I was mucking about with calibrating a powerpod and trying different handlebars. So some of the activity contained data, and others didn’t. But it left me with an XSS of 2, lol.

Thanks for suggestion to manually edit the file data and re-upload. I will do that.

It is unfortunate this is not an option within Xert, though. I was able to edit the TSS & ride length on Today’s Plan. (Just sayin’!)

I had an issue previously where it synced the time stamp wrong and required a re-upload. Again would have been nice/easier/faster just to be able to manually change the date within Xert.