low threshold power

while googling , i foud references tomlow thrshold power, howeve i cant find it anywhere on my workouts. What am I missing?

You can see your Lower Threshold Power in Account Settings > Profile. It is also included in the latest Android app, and will be included in the new iOS app to be released shortly.

So, it says my LTP is 175. my FTP is 207. what does it mean.? is there an optimum ratio? Does it matter?thsnks

LTP is your ‘all day power’, often referred to as LT1 in scientific literature. It’s proximity to TP is inversely related to HIE. In other words, high HIE would widen the gap between TP and LTP. Chris Froome would have an embarrassingly low HIE so that he can get is LTP as close to TP as possible, meaning he can ride at a ‘recovery’ pace most of the day during a stage of the Tour. Wout Van Aert would have a very high HIE and therefore a large gap between LTP and TP. There is not optimum ratio - it all depends on your goals.

so. should i aim for low hie too! ? mine is 12.5. i have no idea hiw to do it though. i do duathlons. so i think it would be good for me, thanks!

There was a recent episode of the VeloNews Fast Talk podcast that talked about this topic I believe. One of the researchers they interviewed said low cadence (60 rpm) sub threshold workouts were the key to raising ftp at the expense of peak power. I don’t know, but it sounded convincing.

In contrast to you, my ftp is 203, but my hie is 22k. My LTP is much lower than yours though, at a paltry 147.

Fernando, a low HIE is a function of building your FTP ‘from the bottom’ i.e. work below your threshold power. Which cadence is chosen has no impact. An HIE of 12.5 is pretty low, but depending on the demands of your duathlons, you actually may want some HIE. How long are they, and what’s their ‘Focus’ & Specificity (do you have power data from one of these events)?

Guys, i dont have much to work with: 68 years old and 137 lbs , ii,m trying to squeze any extra juice out of this body🤔 the cycling portion of the du , is usually 40 Km ( after a fast 6 k run) followed by a fast 5 k run. I dony know the focus and speciicity. i have power data for some but this is the first time im doing training with any software package ( xert). up to now, ive just been winging it. in terms of working from under my ftp, im just picking from the list of workouts suggested by Xata. So I hope Im doing the correct workouts. I selected GC specilalist for athlete type.

For a short-ish race like a duathlon, your Athlete Type & Focus will likely be something from Rouleur to Sprint Time Triallist. It will depend on the course: if it has a lot of short / punchy hills it will be closer to Rouleur, but if it’s quite flat it will be closer to Sprint Time Triallist. Any of those athlete types will work, and GC Specialist is a great one - it will give you a good variety of workouts. A high LTP won’t help you on this type of event, but a high TP and HIE will. You will want to have some HIE to get you over any punchy climbs before settling back into a strong tempo effort.

No, the hills are usually relatively long up to 5 miles and maybe 6 to 8 % grade.