Another Breakthrough from WTRL TTT


Strong finish!

Howdy folks,

Data below from latest breakthrough from a local mtb marathon. Further insight greatly appreciated.

Bit of off season R&R now, then look to plan for 2024.

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Another bronze breakthrough when riding outside at 20m climb segment


I haven’t done many breakthrough attempts since joining Xert last year, planning to stay on top of it for this training season now that I’m understanding everything better. I have got some Breakthrough’s mostly during races or just doing a hard effort. Coming back from covid in the late summer. I didn’t hit the TP number I have after this breakthrough until Jan 20th last season. I consider my season October to September. I think I had a few more watts in me, was still tired from a weight lifting session 2 days earlier. Motivating though.

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My breaktrough from todays race.

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I like the Ronnestad style (specifically 30/15) as it just feels easier than steady state. It’s very much “frog in a pot of boiling water” where the on intervals feel fine until 4 or 5, when I start to feel it, but by then, it’s too late and I’m motivated by seeing a lower MPA. The warmup is sort of built in as well, as you’re starting and stopping over and over again.

I do not see my last breakthrough on the home page anymore.
Is it shown anywhere now, other than in the progression chart and obviously in the activity view.

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Are you using a smartphone John? Its disappeared from mine too on my smartphone. It used to show. If i look on a laptop it shows.

I use my Ipad George, however on my PC I do see my last BT but not on the Ipad.

I found that quite useful. In fact for the BT in the image I did not even know I had achieved it because I didn’t notice it in the activity or do the workout using EBC


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Seems like a bug to me. Have you reported it?
Could be something simple such as text isn’t wrapping when length exceeds X characters.

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Support ticket raised.

After verification from the awesome Xert staff…

I just smacked my TP around, this came after a few weeks of light pedaling and getting ready for the 2024 training season.

+50 W in TP?? Your old TP must have been far from accurate or updated. What was your final TP after adding 50 W?

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Well I guess there is some story behind it ;

The first thing is my account is in fact set to Optimal Decay and I am a strong Rouleur rider which is also my default focus. While traveling on October 7th my bike was in an accident where it fell off my camper on the highway and totaled it out. This accident resulted in destroying my Assioma dual pedals in the process which was the benchmark for ALL my bike related activates.

I have been riding since then without a power meter and using my Kicker for indoor rides. Outside I followed my Xert plan but based on RPE and derived heart rate metrics. It being the end of the '23 race season (final race was Oct. 8) I have been doing whatever I wanted and trying to get as much sleep as possible (father of a 2 and 4 Y/O)

If you fast forward to yesterday, I now have my new set of Assimoa Dual power pedals and gave a genuine BT attempt.

I have 20+ years of high intensity training and racing. I will admit that I “knew” my TP was sitting low, but didn’t really care until I could get benchmark pedals again for all my bikes.

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Congrats. I have the same pedals and I see around 10 W higher power readings from my Kickr Bike, so I always use power matching when riding indoors.

I am sure you can get a even higher TP if you try one of those breakthrough workouts!

And I was happy with my 8W BT…


Always blows my mind seeing breakthroughs like this. Looks like the new algorithm may have kicked in and worked things out a bit better. Note that there are a vast number of coaches and sport scientists that believe you can’t get threshold without a long steady effort to failure. A set of increasing micro-intervals as way to obtain TP is unfathomable.

I’m not convinced either, most often I achieve bt through a few minutes of effort on hilly roads. In this case, it seemed to me that my peak power would increase. Future training sessions will verify my signature.

Around August I did an ftp test and the result was very close to my TP in Xert.