A 1w increase in TP. I’ll take that thanks :blush:


I really am not sure how this happened, background the last 2-3 weeks I have been feeling really poor and performance has been mediocre. I kept following my XATA as best I could utilizing outside rides and sprinkling in some indoor rides. I really pay attention to my training status and form and listen to the recommendation on it, I never ride on red star status and yellow star I just try to do the proper recommendation.

Yesterday’s ride (Thursday nights of insanity) was slightly chilly, it started out somewhat subtle and got hostile quick. It was my second day back on blue status and the first quarter of the ride I didnt feel well. The ride was super windy and I thought I was going to get dropped in the cross-winds.

We finally turned north and faced a head wind and something just clicked (this is at about the 30-35min mark) and I started getting aggressive. Towards the end I noticed my MPA was low and just started to attack.

I don’t know what happened, it just felt like I had endless power (to a degree) haha.

I initiated a split in the group with some big peak attacks that you can see on the graph, only (4) of us survived. This is a very strange phenomenon and Xert has been a 100% new approach to training for me.



Looking at my progression chart for YTD, it looks like this is how I adapt to fitness. I “stair” step, not sure if thats how everyone does it or not.


Depends on your selected decay setting. The more aggressive decay you apply, the more you’ll see TP dip & jump back up from BT’s. On the other hand, less aggressive decay methods use your training loads to estimate where we expect your signature to be, so there is less ‘stair-stepping’.
I typically use ‘No Decay’ in the winter months & ‘Slow Decay’ in the summer months, which works pretty well in terms of tracking my fitness signature over time, even though I don’t typically have many BT’s:

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Thank you Scott!

I have it set at optimal, and I will be honest I am hard on my training. I race a lot and do at least (1) social/group “hard” weekday or weekend ride. I am way better than I use to be and a lot of that reason is due to Xert telling me to slow my roll.

I may change my decay to slow - although I don’t really care if it stair steps or not but would rather make sure I am in an optimal training area/zone.

I have not had any complaints about Xert yet, it seems to read me like a book a lot and has the power/training zones “right” for me. I honestly plan on heading back to my trainer for more training and minimal outdoor riding because I flat out see how in-efficient outdoor is and I am time-poor anyways.

Do you think changing it over to slow is better? If body willing will allow me, I can get a breakthrough almost any other week through a race/group ride. Yesterdays ride I could just tell a breakthrough was going to happen although I had no idea this much. I was riding purple for so much/long I started to pull back some with the thought in my head of no way!

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If you’re getting breakthroughs relatively frequently, then you’re fine with the Optimal decay method. In fact, since the siganture decays a bit faster, it’ll be helpful to identify even more breakthroughs (where your fitness signature is validated).

Using more aggressive decays will only lead to underestimating your fitness if it’s been over a month since your last BT. In fact, Xert will prompt you to change decay methods to ‘No Decay - Training Load Matched’ for you if you’re using Optimal Decay and it’s been a long time since your last BT. This change tremendously improves the Xert experience for users who tend to not have many maximal efforts in their data for whatever the reason.

Outdoor riding can still be very efficient for training! You don’t have to do intervals on the turbo to get more fit. In fact, one of our changes in the last couple months includes the ability to recommend outdoor (& virtual) rides as part of your training program with Xert.


One downside to Small Decay is you can ride for many weeks without a BT.
When you decide to deliberately go for one you may only get a bronze or Near BT.
That can be a bit of a bummer if you like the reward aspect of frequent BTs. :smiley:
OTOH it indicates the algorithm has been pretty darn accurate calculating your signature changes based upon TL hours & intensity alone.
With Optimal you get frequent validation you are either improving or maintaining your fitness. You get dinged for those extra hard efforts versus sitting back and trusting the algo to get changes right.