Issues syncing XERT IQ App with phone/web page

This week I used the XERT IQ App without issues, did SMART - Raining Blood on Thursday flawlessly. Today I went for a mid level ride so I selected SMART-Comfortably Numb, to reduce the boredom in the track. However, when opening the XERT Player IQ App, after the message “AUTHENTICATING”, I get HTTP Request Error-Workout Ready. However, PP, HIE and FTP did not look right. When pressing play, the workout is Raining Blood. The phone is connected as I see the unit in Garmin Connect Android App. I am doing something wrong? I checked again in my web account and the scheduled workout is still Comfortably Numb. Any help is gladly welcomed!

Be sure you have Bluetooth connected and Garmin Connect Mobile is running.

Yes, both are connected. I attach 2 screenshots, as you can see, there green dot on the top left of the phone indicates the 820 unit is connected. I have the latest update, 6.50 in the 820 unit, and Garmin Connect 3.17. Again, the odd thing is that 3 days ago it was working, since the fitness signature and workout correspond to thurdsday Xert

Trying using the “Logout” setting on the app.

Did not work. Finally uninstalled the IQ App from the 820, reisntalled and repeated the process. Finally it worked. One comment, The Garmin Android App does not “pop up” a message for the login/authorize process but rather sends a notification to the app inbox. Upon opening this notification I get the login/authorize options (I have had the same issue with Training Peaks IQ App).