Issue with MPA Garmin ConnectIQ code. And issue with Xert Mobile.

Mitchell. Sorry to see your troubles with getting things going. Do you have access to another unit - friend, LBS, etc. - that you can try? I think your unit may have some issues as what you’re experiencing is far beyond what you should be experiencing.

If you’re talking about the 520, it works perfectly in all other respects, including controlling the trainer as a stand alone unit. The problem seems to be with the iq app.

Is the trainer configured on the 520 as a trainer in the Sensors menu?

It should not be configured in the Sensors menu, to be clear…

Also, if you can let us know what the STATUS PAGE shows for Slope and Intercept and which power meter and trainer you are using. Thank you.

The trainer is disabled in the sensors menu, but still appears there. It is the only trainer that has ever been configured in the iq player. I will check the status page when I get home and let you know what slope and intercept values are, if I can find them. I assume this page is located in the iq player menu? Also, at one point during startup of the workout I got a notification that the 520 was sensing both my quarq powermeter and the trainer powermeter, and a query whether I wanted to switch from the Quarq to the trainer. I kept the configuration so that it was reading the quarq (because that has been more accurate than the trainer.) Was that the right choice, or does it matter?

As a side question, once a workout is properly downloaded to the iq player on my 520, is it necessary to have xert or garmin connected to the device any longer? I’m wondering if my problems today were related to the mobile apps on my phone (xert and garmin connect) interfering with the workout downloaded to my 520. It shouldn’t have been a problem, since the same workout was selected on the phone as was downloaded to the player, but I’m scratching for any solutions here.

Ok. You should go to the Garmin Edge Sensor Menu (not in our app) and remove all references to your trainer there, both as a trainer and as a power meter. Our app has its own trainer configuration as this is the only way it can have trainer control on the Garmin at the moment. Then make sure it is configured in our app but clicking the back button and go to SELECT and then choose your trainer when in the Xert Player.

The Xert Player needs to be connected to your phone via GCM in order to login and obtain the workout and do this successfully at least one. Once it has logged, it should not need to login again until the token expires. It will need a connection to obtain your selected workout. If GCM isn’t connected,(Bluetooth hasn’t been established, phone isn’t connected to the internet, server is unable to respond, etc.) the app will use the last workout it was able to download. This allows you to download a workout and ride out to a spot without your phone or off the grid and still do your workout. In this respect, you do not need GCM to run the app and perfo rm a workout. You do need a GCM to download a workout and to see the Remote Player.

To see the Slope and Intercept, click the SELECT button (top right) and use the up-down to see the page with sensor config data.