Is the level of Hardness Test choosen by Xert?

On my Fitness Page I’ve found Level 04 as my Selected Workout.
I wonder if this has been chosen by Xert based on my Fitness Signature (since I haven’t chosen any by myself).
Also, if it was Xert’s choice, will it be updated as my Fitness Signature changes, or is it up to me?
As always, thanks a lot.

Hardness Test Level 4 is the default selected workout for all users. Subscribers can change it.

Thank you, now it’s clearer

So it is not obligatory to perform it to establish some new values for the IQ Connect player to work properly?

Jaroslaw - good question!

Armando, probably a full blog article about

  • what these Hardness Tests are meant for,
  • how we the users should/could use them,
  • anything else cross your mind which could be of any help :wink:

would help a lot.

Just my two cents…

Yes. In the works.