Is my 'High Intensity Energy' set too high?

I have two reasons to suspect that this is the case, but haven’t figured this system out well enough to determine this on my own. Background: I have 14 weeks of training data into Xert. My data here started with a rest block, during which I didn’t ride much but when I did ride it was maximal effort races on Zwift. I was super fresh but certainly de-training then.

Over the last several weeks of using Xert, I have noticed my HIE adjust downward, but there have still been several occasions where I feel like its set too high. Both during a XERT Smart workout session and during a interval session on another platform, I have been completely out of gas, not able to turn the pedals at the end of an ERG interval. We are talking the end of 90-180 second intervals. If I understand the system correctly and its also well-tuned to my abilities - I would assume this would be the point wherein my MPA intersects my actual output. In neither case has this happened though. I have had other 'breakthroughs,'s but only at the short end of my power curve, with 15-20 second interval/sprints. M y MPA hasn’t fallen to my actual power output as I’m failing.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding some important element of the system, or perhaps it hasn’t yet acclimated to my abilities. I could use some help figuring out where to set my HIE if that is in fact that problem. Should I use one of these workouts to manually adjust my signature (something I haven’t figured out how/when to do yet)? Should I change my decay time to reflect my more recent activities rather than those from 8 weeks ago when I was overall much fresher?

2 last quick questions:

  1. If I’m not hitting my targets in a smart workout, how should I be adjusting? I guess if the system expects that I’m stronger than I am on that day, and I’m on an ERG, its not going to adjust on its own when I fail.
  2. Is there a search function in the forum?? I bet these questions have been addressed but I got tired of scrolling :confused:

Thanks for a cool product! I’m hoping I can get this stuff resolved and if so will subscribe after the trial here.

Hi Jason. Most all of the FAQs on the forum have been added to our support home. You can search there. In fact, we have an FAQ on checking your fitness signature: There could be an issue with your fitness signature if you’re having trouble reaching interval targets. Also do check out our recent blog post on “Are my workouts too hard?”. If you’d like someone from support to have a deeper look, send an email to Thanks for checking us out.