Increase training load by intensity (instead of duration)?

I’ve been using Xert for a couple of months and am happy with the improvements I’m seeing, however the number of hours required to achieve a certain improvement rate keeps increasing, while my time available is unfortunately not :slight_smile:
That makes sense, but wouldn’t an alternative be to increase the intensity and maintain the hours? Is it possible to do this? I feel like I could handle more difficult workouts, but XATA doesn’t recommend them, presumably due to my low, 1 and a bit star training status…

Thanks Wes. If you feel you can handle more difficulty (more likely to be true at 1 or 2 stars), increase your Freshness Feedback on the Fitness Planner. This will have XATA recommend more difficult workouts. Alternatively, use the Load More button and scroll down to choose workouts with greater difficulty. This will allow you to fit more XSS into your schedule so that you don’t fall behind and have to reduce your improvement rate. HTH