Impulse Response

Playing around with the Fitness Planner and I find myself trying many workouts/activities to see the impact on my projected fitness… and I gotta say, not that fun. So, while we wait for the fully algorithmic based version, is there a way for you guys to provide us with the expected response to a specific training on our fitness signature?

That way we won’t have to drag&drop(and then do the 3-clicks long procedure to remove them from the Planner) multiple training in the Fitness Planner while taking notes on the impact of each of them.

Thanks Jim. Ultimately, it is difficult to solve all variables at the same time using trial-and-error. What we suggest is the follow the Suggested Focus & Ramp Rate guidelines that are discussed in the latest blog since these will help add up the numbers towards what is most optimal. You should be aiming to boost your Training Loads with focus on lower TL first and increasing that towards your target athlete type as your event date nears.

Try and use the weekly copy-and-paste feature to perhaps maneuver things around a bit. Implement what you feel would be a program you’ve followed before and see if you can improve it. If changing 1 or 2 workouts makes a difference, for example, making similar changes everywhere then makes sense.

This prediction capability has never existed before and how best one should interact with it is something still to be discovered. Your feedback is very much welcomed.