I'm Tired, Training deficit = 0, reccomends a workout of XSS = 158


As per the title I have just done 2 days of fairly high XSS endurance workouts and my deficit is now Zero. In the planner its reccomending an endurance wokout of XSS = 158. Call me a wimp but is this not a little excessive :slight_smile: ?


It will always recommend a workout, since you may want to train if you have time. If your status is “Very tired”, it will recommend an active recovery workout which is how the system helps prevent training from being excessive. (You’ll note that it does say you’ll have a 158XSS surplus after completing the workout).

If I use the Freshness Feedback slider to indicate I am “very tired” it reccomends a recovery workout with an XSS of 40, set it back to being “tired” and the recommended workout is endurance with an XSS of 158, this seems to be quite a jump from one fatigue state to another. Ultimately I can select the workout I want and bypass the reccomended ones but having XERT reccomend the workout is one of the main reasons for using XERT in the first place (and generally it does a fine job). I’m guessing that I have hit an edge case here.

“Very tired” is essentially saying you need to recover all your systems and just do active recovery. Generally, you should do very little and rest. “Tired” is saying you can go tackle some volume, but only if you go easy. 2 of your 3 systems need to recover.