How to interpret workout allegedly below threshold

I’ve been trying out Xert for a few days, and it seems promising! Initially, I had an activity on 8/30 that seems to have had a ridiculous power spike or something, and it was making my Peak Power and HIE numbers way too high. But I flagged that activity, and my fitness signature seems more rational now. Yesterday, I did a SMART - Stuck in the Middle workout, which had a bunch of 2 min intervals just below FTP. The third set of those got real hard & I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish, but thankfully the workout ended just in time. My question is about how to interpret that workout in Xert. As it was entirely below FTP, the MPA line across the top is flat, which suggests that I wasn’t fatigued (from what I understand). However, like I said, I was dying towards the end. I don’t think I could have done another 2 mins at 245 watts. Am I misunderstanding what the MPA line means, or perhaps my FTP isn’t quite as high at Xert thinks?

Hi Chad. Thanks for checking things out. There are several dynamics at play when you are cycling, with MPA being (an important) one of them . Another is Difficulty Score which rises as you perform efforts. Both decreasing MPA and increasing Difficulty will make things harder during a workout. Sometimes, you’ll break i.e. stop pedaling well before reaching MPA if Difficulty has increased beyond what you are prepared to tolerate. If you review the Hardness Test workouts, you’ll see how this dynamic works.

Thanks. I think I understand the difficulty score a little better now. Apparently, I need to harden up!