How long is our bodies memory?

In the advanced settings the TL Time constant is 42 days (6 X 7). I remember from another training tool that they said that our current fitness is only and always the outcome of the last 6 weeks or so (think it was 6 weeks). This fits with the 42 day parameter at least :slight_smile:

I like to occasionally look at one year plus of data but if I understand this principle it doesn’t tell me much about my current fitness. Really its just how the last 6 weeks have gone … is this correct?

No. :slight_smile: The actual time constants are variable (some are longer), at least according to our analysis for Phase II. Remember that the time constant is 42 days. The time it takes to build/decay is longer than that.

OK thanks – I realized what I was saying was not correct sometime later after I wrote this. If it were true then we would not do yearly macro cycles as the work done in the winter for example would not affect the outcome in the summer. – sorry for the noise.