How is Speed determined in Xert Player for Connect IQ

It seems slow when using the indoor trainer (KICKR). Looks to be approximately half of what I would see on the road (in 0 wind) for the wattage. I realize this isn’t relevant for Xert’s magic to work but it’s a bit demotivating to be in pain and look down to see I’m doing nine miles an hour! I am presuming you are doing some sort of calculation based upon power output and perhaps a few other factors. Is this correct?

Or, am I making an incorrect assumption and the KICKR actually generates a “synthetic” speed and, since I’m riding in 1st gear (and in Erg mode) to keep noise levels down, this produces the low apparent result…

You can adjust the wheel circumference setting in the app settings. It should already be correct for the Kickr however.

In this case, I was using the Garmin Connect IQ workout player. No wheel circumference to adjust. However, I think I understand what is happening. I’m using the Player in Erg mode. where it is controlling the resistance (wattage output) of the Kickr. In that mode, you can ride in whatever gear ratio you like and the Kickr readjusts resistance to match. To reduce noise, I run the workout in the lowest (front small, back large) gear. Which means, the “wheel” turns slower which is what the Kickr is reporting to the workout player.

Do I have that right?

Updated file came through as 203AB.prg 20k for me

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