How do you find work allocation ratios on a workout?

I might be slow, but I cannot figure out how to see how my work was split between the three Intensities for a given workout. Any help appreciated!

If you open the workout in the Workout Designer, you’ll see both the Stress and Strain contribution in the workout, by system. We show the total XSS only at this stage. Low/high/peak XSS values would be in the same ratio as the strain values in kJ.

For your activities, you can use the Table View and add the Low/High/Peak Strain columns to your view. Low/High/Peak XSS values would also in the same ratios.

Got it. Thanks!

Once I add Low/High/Peak Strain columns to Table View, should those changes be sticky? i.e. I see those same columns the next time I come back?

Yes. They’ll stick with the browser cache. But if you login from another device, you’ll need to make the changes again. If you clear your cache, the changes will also disappear.