How do intensity levels get calculated ?

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Yesterday I did day 5 of the sufferfest tour of sufferlandria, the workout is called 9 hammers where you do both threshold work and vo2 max work. The activity (sufferfest day 5) gets labeled as moderated but I was completely exhausted at the end. How does the algorithm work ?

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Difficulty is set as it was defined at the beginning - by the amount of strain in Kj for the activity. We are starting on more analysis to make this even better where we can look to at averaging strain via various methods over a period to establish a better measure of difficulty. For example, we could simply take an average strain for the duration (I’m not a fan of this as it doesn’t accurately represent difficulty if you did 1 hour of very difficult training followed by 1 hour of easy riding, for example). So although difficulty isn’t always representative, it’s consistent and we’ll be look to make it better in the coming months.