HIE getting lower and lower

I am training and racing more after a late start to the season 12 weeks of fairly good training. My FTP and 20min power is going up but the HIE value is steadily falling. What does this mean. It has dropped to almost half the value I had last year(and still falling) while my FTP is at 93% and going up.

Hi Simon. Seeing an HIE vary isn’t atypical however, I would agree that seeing it vary but this much might be indicative of a signature misrepresentation in your progression that is taking a while to work itself out. We made some improvements recently that are much better at handling these. I would suggest a Progression Recalculation and see if this shows the same variation. You could initiate it with your current signature: http://www.baronbiosys.com/?page_id=1241#collapse-1501 An alternative is to do MPA Analysis by hand on an early activity and SAVE it. It will then trickle-down through your activities. Let us know how this works for you.