Help with signature


I’m a premium customer and I’m having trouble with TP. The number was closer to accurate, if a bit high at the end of the season (August/September) but has remained really high despite me really throttling back. The problem there is that as I build back up I don’t think I’m accumulating the stress I should be. Hoping someone can take a look at the numbers and help.

Hi Jesse,

(We’ll be coming out with an update shortly that will help with this. It’ll do a better job estimating your signature during periods where there are no activities where your fitness was tested, i.e. “best activities”. Won’t be long…)

Xert hasn’t found any best activities since Aug/Sept, i.e. there are no circles in your progression chart since then. If you feel you did have a best activity during this time, we can use these to anchor your signature at that date. Use the MPA tools on the Activity Details/Advanced tab. If not, I would suggest you either provide your own estimate using the calculator or do a little test now-and-again to keep your signature honest . These don’t have to be 20 minute tests or anything like that. You should just need to push yourself with a true maximal effort, ideally at a couple of points as MPA comes down - one near peak (execution is key) and another near threshold (need to dig as deep as you can go). See our blog on Fitness Testing if needed.

Hope this helps.

I think it does. So, by doing max efforts now, Xert will see those and recognize that they are max AND lower than previous max efforts (in theory) and then lower TP based on that? I was under the impression that Xert looked for max efforts to increase signature, but never to decrease signature and that there was a kind of TP decay built into the algorithm

We’ve updated the algorithm not too long ago to find declines in fitness via signature extraction. It gets more aggressive the longer it’s been since your last breakthrough. This alleviates some of what you’re seeing but the first MPA pass that uses your existing signature needs to see that you had sufficient maximal efforts (“Maximal Effort TIme”) before an attempt to extract your signature for the activity is made. If the signature is too high for maximal efforts to register, then extraction is skipped as the activity is deemed not to be a reflection of your fitness. If indeed you did produce maximal efforts in the activity, manual intervention is needed. Often it’s only a matter of making a small reduction to the signature parameters in the Activity Details/Advanced tab and re-running extraction, and Xert will pick up your new signature. Save/lock and then the changes will trickle down through the rest of your activities, often picking up new breakthrough activities that were skipped before.