Heart Rate Derived Metrics way off

No need to do that. The instructions include –

To fine-tune the algorithm to better reflect your current resting and maximum heart rate values, disable Auto-estimate Heart Rate parameters and key in your resting and maximum heart rate values directly.

As soon as you enter values and save settings XO will re-evaluate activities on file without power.

I’m on these pages because I’m upset over how restrictive “my data” is. I subscribe to training platforms to make myself better and find that occasionally I’m penalized, and I just want to make my data correct and nothing allows me to do that.
I spent 2.5 hours on a fat bike absolute slog. 8 miles uphill out of the gate muddy, soft, slow, absolute 50 rpm grind which then turned into a steady muddy sloth like drag for 2.5 hours total. An 8 mph average type of ride with most of the uphill being between 4 & 6 miles per hours. On a dry day with a 26 lb gravel bike with a powermeter I’m averaging 235 watts.
Now I’m on a studded tire 47lb fatbike absolutely punishing myself with my HR at 90% but because I don’t have a powermeter my data is being treated like I was on a rest and recovery day.
Why can’t I just edit my …repeat MY data?
However, no one will let me. It would be a much better approximation of my effort if I could simply put an average power number in. I cannot find a fit file tool that will allow me to do this, maybe fitfilerepair, but I then need MS Access which would not run on my laptop.
Its just ugh and all the while I’m thinking its my file. I created it. I should be able to change anything I want to change.
So I played about with HR to get it closer but it’s not representative of what the effort truly was. If I could figure out how to put a powermeter on a raceface crank fatbke with a 197mm rear hub I would but I have not solved that problem yet.
I’m not following how a cadence sensor would have made the file ‘better’ with a 50rpm average cadence.
I appreciate the platform and what it is trying to do which is why I am trying to make the input data accurate, I just feel I’m not allowed to.

You could create a manual activity and key in your information: Entering ‘manual’ activities when no power meter was used – Xert

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