Guidance on Values for ConnectIQ Apps


Do you have some guidance on the values to configure the CIQ apps with based on my current profile? In particular the MPA/Power data app and the Time to Exhaustion app. I’m a bit confused as to how I should update these values on a regular basis. I always get a negative number in the Time to Recover data field, so not sure if I have things setup correctly.


Sorry, I meant the Time to Recover shows a negative value.

The MPA and Power app needs your Xert Code and I would leave the power averaging at 3s. Update your Xert Code when your fitness changes and you’d like the app to reflect the new values.

For TTE/TTR, just remember that a TTE wattage must be higher than your FTP (I wouldn’t use anything lower than your 20 minute power) and the TTR wattage must be less than your FTP. Use 0 or 100W as a good value. 0W TTR will provide the time needed to fully recover. Turn the checkboxes/switches on only to do more advanced tuning of the app. They are used when you want to see the amount of time to reach a certain point before you reach exhaustion (TTE with Target MPA) or before you reach full recovery (TTR with Target MPA).

Thanks. I entered the Xert code and the MPA in the ConnectIQ app config was 500 - wasn’t sure if I needed to adjust this to my peak power on the progression chart (currently 492), or is this automatically accounted for with the code?.

Looks like the default value of 500W is too high and should be adjusted downwards. Try setting it it to a value above your FTP but below your PP that you’d like to track while you’re riding/training.