Goals & Target Events

I am have just finished a build phase of my training and have my first event of the season this weekend 23rd Feb, so Xert advised me to taper. Fair enough. My event is only short. An 11 mile hilly TT. I have events every weekend now for the next 3 months at least, which vary from 11 miles TT’s to 50 mile TT’s. I will also I have a 100 mile TT in July. What concerns me is the lack of specificity in the target event settings. For example this weekend will take me 25 mins or less hopefully. A 100 mile TT 4 hours. Obviously these are poles apart in terms XSS. Can Xert’s goal’s feature be manipulated so it takes into account the types of events you are training for?

Hi Jonny. Great question. Use your Athlete Type selection to have Xert “focus” you on that for your training. Shorter TTs will have a shorter Focus Duration Athlete Type (say Breakaway Specialist) and longer TTs will have longer FD (say Sprint Time Triallist). You’ll continue to see progressive overload from your Improvement Rate but XATA will recommend different workouts depending on your program phase and your chosen athlete type. See our FAQs on how to choose your athlete type for more info.

Thanks for the reply. Yes that makes sense. I’ll just have to remember to change my athlete type to suit at the end of each week after each event. My races come thick and fast now for a number of months.

Once you start using Xert more and more, you’ll get the hang of what it recommends and you’ll be able to manage your own training and focus targets between events.