Generating an accurate signature - current workouts don't seem hard enough

Recently joined and love the system. I had about a month break before I joined, so historical FIT uploads were from September, then a gap until I started using Xert. I can’t seem to find workouts that are challenging enough from the list of recommended workouts. I’ve had to pick those with the highest XSS in the time I have available (max 1h20m and ideally 1h), and the workouts are still reasonably comfortable, certainly not difficult.

Am I doing something wrong? Any tips?

I wonder if it’s because I don’t have an event soon and I’m in pre-base?

Also, I’ve chosen Rouleur as a profile and I can’t see any Rouleur specific workouts, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Workouts that are not difficult enough could either be due to you having more training in your legs that the system is aware of or one or more of your signature variables are too low. To address the latter, simply find a ride/race that you can do with that will push you to your limit preferably having you sustain a max effort for many seconds, if not minutes. You can do one of our Fitness Tests if you prefer. Structure of the test isn’t needed (in fact less structure is better). To address the former, click the Load More button and find workouts with greater number of Difficult stars. These will most often be more difficult to complete. As your training load increases, the system will place more emphasis on more difficult workouts. Thanks for trying out Xert!

Thanks Armando. I think I’ll do both of those. I’m doing the hardest workouts I can see under Load More already, so maybe I should look for one in the planner? Or use the workout designer to increase the load?

Dumb question about the Fitness Tests, can I find those through the planner?

Scratch the question about fitness tests, I found a description at so I will follow that.

Advice still welcome as to how to find harder workouts, or whether just to manually increase the difficulty through Workout Designer. Although the Fitness test might fix everything of course.

Ok the fitness test helped hugely, almost doubled the MPA. Hoping that will sort it.