Gear Symbol

How do you interpret the little gear symbol that flashes on and off on the bioshift data field on the Edge 520. I understand what the colors are showing but not what the gear means.

Check the app description in the FAQs (link in the menu). It’s in learning mode when it flashes.

Thanks. Am curious: how is optimal cadence determined? I’m finally not in the flatlands of Florida and, on some hills up here in NY, I notice that optimal cadence increases (low to mid 90’s) compared to the flatter sections (mid-80’s). That “feels” right but I’m wondering what the science is on that.

It’d be difficult to get into details here but suffice it to say it looks at your gear selections and power and then infers what your optimal cadence to power relationship is, based on this information. There is an assumption that you will naturally choose the optimal gear. Learning may take more time for some compared with others because not everyone chooses gears with the same frequency.