Garmin & Xert Watt

why are the wattages at Garminconnect higher than at Xert when it is uploaded? For example, if I upload a unit from Zwift, the values ​​are almost the same, but if I drive outside and upload it via Garminconnect, the values ​​at Xert are about 10 watts lower and Strava also shows other values, what can be the reason? On my Garmin I have set the wattage recording without zero and have different average power everywhere …
Thank you!

Are you sure you’re looking at (raw) power at any of those? There’s a difference between that and normalized/weighted/equivalent power.

For instance, I recorded an activity with an average power of 244, which is the same on Garmin, Strava and Xert. The normalized/weighted/equivalent power is 257/255/250 respectively…

Yes, I’m sure, here is an excerpt from the last trip.

Okay - I was just checking to make sure that it was not the cause of the problem :sunglasses:

I take it this was an outdoor activity? Did you have any breaks during your ride? Xert always takes the average including breaks, which is not the same as excluding zero power…

It’s definetly a time difference. Both Xert and Garmin Connect have the same total work (0,1% difference is some rounding error). With 201W average, garmin uses a total time of 6,600 seconds (1h50min) and Xert has 177w average so 7500s (2h05min, I’m rounding).

Yes it was outside and I stopped a few times, which is not recorded because garmin automatically stops the trip … What surprises me because when I go to Zwift the values ​​are almost the same only when I train outside the difference is big and I wanted to know if Xert calculates differently than I record it with the Garmin … Whether other Xert users do the same?

See @Teguxo’s answer above :point_up_2: Xert uses total time elapsed, including breaks. Your Garmin stops the recording, but not the timer - the stats will probably read ‘time elapsed’ that is close to Xert’s total time.

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OK, then I have to deal with the total time.

What do you mean with that?

The difference is that it is calculated on the total driving time.

Yes, but that doesn’t influence the numbers that matter. It’s only the average power that is different - Xert doesn’t exclude breaks, as they are considered recovery time. Anyway, it’s just a number, but I can see why you wonder about it being different.