Garmin/Strava/tp ascent different from Xert

I did an outside ride today with my garmin 1030 plus. The applications strata/garmin and training peaks shows the “right” ascent(elevation gain) of 960 m(think they use the garmin data). The planing tools (kommot/strava) fit very well too.

Why Xert shows me only 803m of ascent instead of 960m ? I can provide files for analysing. Is Xert cut some data ? It looks that if I enable altitude on the overview that there is a delay of altitude related to power in one section.

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Hi, today I had the same issue after a long ride. On Garmin (and all other fitness pages) I got 1569m

on Xert I got

I like the idea of Xert. But if such kind of basic data is wrong (or explain it please) how can I trust the other data. If you are not interested in feedback or in elevation please don’t show wrong data. As a data nerd I like to have consistent data on all platforms or an explanation why it differs.

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Hi Frank,

I’d recommend reaching out to support directly about these sorts of inquiries - include the original .fit file so we can take a look at it.


FWIW I have the same issue. My elevation on Xert is different than my elevation on Garmin Connect, TP, and Strava.

Xert uses the data from the total_elevation_gain field of the .fit file. The accuracy of that data will vary greatly across different devices and whether they use a barometric altimeter or elevation from GPS data.

IIRC Strava retroactively overrides the actual data taken from the device and replaces with their own topographical data (which may also be synced to other platforms).

You do. It does. But I think it only does this if you manually use the “correct elevation” feature on Strava. If you do use the feature, then Strava does not back-sync the corrected elevation to Garmin Connect.

I had a first generation Garmin FR 935 for my running watch, which was notoriously buggy with elevation data. I had to use the Strava correction on every single run until Garmin replaced the watch.n During that time, the elevation remained wrong on both Garmin Connect because Strava didn’t back-sync the corrected elevation.

I think this is a little different. It’s as though Xert is forcing an elevation correction after the data syncs from Garmin Connect. My elevation data is the same across all platforms except Xert. I never really noticed this until OP posted because I don’t really use Xert to look at elevation. But every single outdoor ride on Xert has a different elevation than what Garmin reports.

It does not, you need to “Adjust Elevation” in order to override actual data.

All tested platforms (training peaks, garmin, strava,, todaysplan, komoot) delivers similar ascent and xert should do the same. Sorry i am not willing to correct this manually and xert should investigate time to fix it or just hide it if there are not able to do it.

In generell i miss User Feedback/Beta Tests / User Acceptance Tests for the platform and the tools(Garmin data fields which doesn’t really work, xert player on my edge not saving in a right format ) .Topic !!! “Quality” !!! Seems that there is a to small user base and employees which really use the tools outside the labor and which could give feedback to improve tools. And i really like the idea of Xert but not the tools (because they don’t work as expected).

We don’t autocorrect elevation via 3rd party services. We use what’s recorded in the FIT file or what Strava sends us.

We are looking to add 3rd party integration but it’s not high on our list. People get elevation from a number of other services so of all the things that we have on our to-do list, this isn’t high. I think people here care more about seeing more fitness related metrics and capabilities. Stuff that’s unique to Xert and unavailable anywhere else. We have a lot more of this sort of thing to work on.

Having said that, using elevation a part of the data analysis process is something we are looking at for the future. Expect to see us add 3rd party elevation integration at that time.

Appreciate all the suggestions about Feedback and Quality. Needed to lift mountains to re-invent training to the level we did and it works. Hope we get credit for that. No one on the list of companies you have listed would even attempt a system like this. Some in the companies have even claimed that what we’ve done is not possible. Let them work on elevation correction while our users reach levels of fitness they never have before. (It’s a Friday night and needed to vent after a long week rolling out the new features. A couple of glitches here and there but we were able to address without any major disruption… not even a maintenance window. Outstanding quality. We have a brilliant team. Have a great weekend.)


Thanks for your answer and clarification. For me it would be ok not to show the data or make a remark. For the rest (tools not working) i use indoor zwift to record the ride (player to play the workout) and outside i use Garmin and try to simulate similar trainings xert suggest in case i do that. Datafields showing since over 15 outdoor rides only your xert icon (not from the beginning and yes disabled auto sleep) and the format of the files is wrong on my garmin if i use the xert player and save the workout… Important is that i can import the files automatically from other sites, trust your calculations regarding the relevant things xert is made for and not more. I want to concentrate on the very interesting articles and podcasts about the science behind xert. For the other things i use other sites and tools. Thanks a lot and have a great weekend too

Garmins are notoriously buggy but our Workout Player (twice winner of best app by Garmin) and our datafields are working without issue for thousands of users. Sometimes the Edge unit takes a bit of coercing to recognize the username/password settings and configuring wifi can cause it to crash. Reinstalling apps and Garmin Connect will often solve issues. Once the Garmin datafields are set up right, they work 100%.

Contact if you need assistance.

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