Garmin IQ vs Android Mobile

XERT: Tacx Neo <-> Ant+ <-> Garmin IQ / Android Mobile
ZWIFT: Tacx Neo -> Bluetooth -> Apple TV / OS X <- Bluetooth <- HR

I’m about to make some investments in order to make Xert work with my system. What are advantages of using Garmin IQ vs Android Mobile? I’m an iPhone and Wahoo Elemnt user so I’ll need to get one or the other.

Roman, ask the user community on Facebook. They are much more active and can supply you some of their perspectives. There was a similar question recently asked.

Thanks. I did. They were helpful. One thing I’m still wondering about. Can we expect bio shift feature on Edge 1030 to come out soon?

It will likely get rolled out with a larger update that we have planned for the Garmin apps.