Garmin IQ field XSS values are inflated (alot)

Hello, I use a Garmin 1030 unit with the XSS field, I usually check how much XSS I should do when riding outside but once I reach my target goal and return home, the XSS reported in the site is much lower, every time. Why is this?

I wasn’t aware we could XSS via a Garmin data field. I thought it was just strain (kJ) which is a different metric. Unless I’m missing something…

The calculations are essentially identical between the app and server. You’ll need to ensure you are using the same signatures, i.e. the app properly gets configured with your signature from the server and the server doesn’t update the signature for the activity due to a breakthrough. Also, the server will remove spikes and other errors in your data that the Garmin app does not do at this timel

I guess i never paid much attention to the strain # on my Garmin because it was always much higher than what I would see when i get home. I’d assumed it was somehow a different metric than XSS because they are never even close to matching.

I’m now confused again. What is the different between Strain and Strain Score. It seems I was correct that the Garmin app shows Strain (kJ) and the Strain Score (unitless?) is something different. Strain Score is I believe what the training advisor tells us to target. So if I need 100 XSS per the training advisor I likely need A LOT more in terms of Strain (kJ). It would be nice to have the metric on the Garmin consistent with what the training advisor prescribes.

Strain was the original metric we had on the system and with the Focus app. We then developed a way to normalize it for cinsistency with each athlete and developed XSS or Strain Score. This is now used throughout the system but remnants of Strain still exist, mostly because users are still actively using it.

Ah. I was thinking of the Focus Strain data fields not the XSS XEP data fields. I don’t think I’ve downloaded/used the XSS XEP. Good to know they exist. Will give them a look on my ride tomorrow morning.

Armando, thank you for your answer, however, I do not see what can I do to “normalize” between what’s calculated by the server and the data field on the unit.

Hi Rui. The system calculates XSS which is a normalized value of Strain. See our glossary for an explanation of Xert Strain Score (XSS).